Question 52

A mixture P is formed by removing a certain amount of coffee from a coffee jar and replacing the same amount with cocoa powder. The same amount is again removed from mixture P and replaced with same amount of cocoa powder to form a new mixture Q. If the ratio of coffee and cocoa in the mixture Q is 16 : 9, then the ratio of cocoa in mixture P to that in mixture Q is


Given that in the final mixture, the ratio of coffee and cocoa is 16:9

Let us assume coffee is 16 units and cocoa is 9 units.

=> Initially, there are 25 units of coffee and 0 units of cocoa

Let's say x units of the mixture is removed and replaced with cocoa

=> Now, we have (25-x) coffee and x units of cocoa. => Mixture P

Now, if x units of the mixture is removed:

Amount of coffee present = (25-x) - $$\dfrac{\left(25-x\right)}{25}\times\ x$$

=> $$\left(25-x\right)\left(1-\dfrac{x}{25}\right)=16$$

=> $$\left(25-x\right)^2=16\times\ 25$$

=> 25 - x = 20 => x = 5.

In mixture P, cocoa = x = 5

In mixture Q, cocoa = 9 units.

=> Required ratio = 5:9

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