Question 44

Let $$b$$ be a positive integer and $$a = b^2 - b$$. If $$b \geq 4$$ , then $$a^2 - 2a$$ is divisible by


We know that a=$$b^2-b$$.

So$$a^2-a$$ = b($$b^3-2b^2-b+2$$) . = (b - 2)(b - 1)( b)(b + 1)

The above given is a product of 4 consecutive numbers with the lowest number of the product being 2(given b >= 4)

In any set of four consecutive numbers, one of the numbers would be divisible by 3 and there would be two even numbers with the minimum value of the pair being (2,4).

Thus, for any value of b >=4, $$a^2-4$$ would be divisible by 3 x 2 x 4 = 24.

Thus, option C is the right choice. Options A and B are definitely wrong as a set of four consecutive numbers need not always include a multiple of 5 eg:(6,7,8,9)

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