Question 27

Four friends, Ashish, Brian, Chaitra, and Dorothy, decide to jog for 30 minutes inside a stadium with a circular running track that is 200 metres long. The friends run at different speeds. Ashish completes a lap exactly every 60 seconds. Likewise, Brian, Chaitra and Dorothy complete a lap exactly every 1 minute 30 seconds, 40 seconds and 1 minute 20 seconds respectively. The friends begin together at the start line exactly at 4 p.m. What is the total of the numbers of laps the friends would have completed when they next cross the start line together ?


All the four friends will meet at the starting point after LCM(60,90,40,80) = 720 seconds.

Number of laps by A in 720 seconds = 12

Number of laps by B in 720 seconds = 8

Number of laps by C in 720 seconds = 18

Number of laps by D in 720 seconds = 9

Together they complete = 47 laps

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