XAT 2021 Question 22


Read the following scenario and answer the three questions that follow.
The following plot describes the height (in cm), weight (in kg), age (in years) and gender (F for female, M for male) of 20 patients visiting a hospital.

A person’s body mass index (BMI) is calculated as weight (in kg) divided by squared height (measured in square metres). For example, a person weighing 100 kg and of height 100 cm (1m) will have a BMI of 100. A person with BMI less than or equal to 18.5 is considered as underweight, above 18.5 but less than or equal to 25 as normal weight, above 25 but less than or equal to 30 as overweight, and above 30 as obese.

Question 22

The average age of the female patients who weigh 50 kg or above is approximately


There are 5 ladies whose weights are 50 or above

There ages are 50,50, 70,60 and 80 

Average = 310/5 = 62

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