XAT 2021 Question 21

Question 21

An encryption system operates as follows:

Step 1. Fix a number k $$(k \leq 26)$$.

Step 2. For each word, swap the first k letters from the front with the last k letters from the end in reverse order. If a word contains less than 2k letters, write the entire word in reverse order.

Step 3. Replace each letter by a letter k spaces ahead in the alphabet. If you cross Z in the process to move k steps ahead, start again from A.

Example: k = 2: zebra --> arbez --> ctdgb.

If the word “flight” becomes “znmorl” after encryption, then the value of k:


Flight become znmorl

Let's assume $$k>3$$

So flight will become thgilf -> znmrol. Hence the value of k will be 6

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