Question 22

116 people participated in a singles tennis tournament of knock out format. The players are paired up in the first round, the winners of the first round are paired up in second round, and so on till the final is played between two players. If after any round, there is odd number of players, one player is given a bye, i.e. he skips that round and plays the next round with the winners. Find the total number of matches played in the tournament.


In second round, number of winners were odd hence 1 winner will be played in next round. Since in third round also number of winners are odd, then last round player will be played in this round and one another player will be played in next round.

Now in 4th round total winners will be (7+1), this 1 winner belongs to 3rd round where he was sent to play in next round.

Summation of all matches will be 115.

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