Question 2

Mr. Jose buys some eggs. After bringing the eggs home, he finds two to be rotten and throws them away. Of the remaining eggs, he puts five-ninth in his fridge, and brings the rest to his mother’s house. She cooks two eggs and puts the rest in her fridge. If her fridge cannot hold more than five eggs, what is the maximum possible number of eggs bought by Mr. Jose?


Let the number of eggs bought = 9x+2

number of eggs left after throwing away 2 = 9x

number of eggs kept in fridge = 5x

number of eggs brought to his mothers' house = 4x

number of eggs left after cooking 2 which are kept in fridge = 4x-2

Given, 4x-2 <=5

=> x$$\le\frac{7}{4}$$

Hence the max value of x is 1

Max number of eggs bought = 11

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