Question 14

Three labeled boxes containing red and white cricket balls are all mislabeled. It is known that one of the boxes contains only white balls and one only red balls. The third contains a mixture of red and white balls. You are required to correctly label the boxes with the labels red, white and red and white by picking a sample of one ball from only one box. What is the label on the box you should sample?


All of them can be mislabeled in 2 ways: 

Red box  - white label

White box - Red and white label

Red and white box - Red label


Red box - red and white label

White box - Red label

Red and white box - White label

So, we would try the box with the red and white label and if it has a white ball, labelling to the boxes is done as per case 1. If it has a red ball labelling is done as per case 2. 

Note: It's not a good idea to try the white label as if we get a red ball, we can't make out if we are picking from red box or red and white box. Similarly if we try from the box with red label and we get a white ball, again we can't make out if it is coming from the white box or the red and white box. 

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