TS ICET 30th Sep 2020 Shift-2


Choose the correct word/ Correct Meaning of the Word/Fill in the Blanks with correct word /Phrase / Verb/ Preposition

Question 171

A: After finishing your Marine Engineering degree course, what do you think you'll do.
B: It is difficult for me to answer for I'm quite at sea In this conversation B implies that he is

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Question 172

PT Usha bore away the gold medals in all track events.
The underlined phrasal verb means:

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Question 173

Our new office is equipped with all the latest gadgets. What is the meaning of 'equip with?

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Question 174

A: The people in the organisation were bent upon exhibiting their superiority.
B: Multiplicity of leadership gives way to decline.
A: True, too many cook spoil the broth.

'A' means that

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Question 175

With Ramana's new venture failing completely, he is down in the dumps.
The underlined expression means, Ramana

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Question 176

A rough and clumsy person is considered

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Question 177

The authorities took him to task for his negligence.

The underlined expression means

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Question 178

He has been writing a letter ______ three hours.

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Question 179

I will go home _______ the end of the movie

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Question 180

The noise interferes _______ my work

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