TS ICET 30th Sep 2020 Shift-2


In the following questions, a question is followed by data in the form of two statements labelled as I and II. You must decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions.

Question 1

Is $$x$$ a rational number?
(I) $$x$$ = b + c
(II) b and c are irrational numbers.

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Question 2

In the adjacent figure what is the area of the square ABCD?


(I) AC = 16 cm
(II) The areas of the circles $$C_{1}$$ and $$C_{2}$$ are in ratio of 4 : 1

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Question 3

f($$x$$) is a polynomial with integer coefficients. Is ($$x$$ + 2) a factor of f{$$x$$)?
(I) $$f(x) = 2x^{4} + bx^{3} + cx^{2} + dx + e$$
(II) $$8b - 4c + 2d - e = 32$$

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Question 4

Find the area of the sector?
(I) Length of the arc = 1 unit.
II) Radius of sector is six times length of arc.

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Question 5

A person can purchase three articles for Rs.49. What is the price of the costliest article?
(I)  The cost price of two articles each is Rs. 1 less than the cost price of the costliest article.
(II) The cost price of costliest article is 6.25% more than the cost price of the cheapest article.

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Question 6

Is the polygon ABCD a trapezium?
(I) It has a pair of parallel sides.
(II) Two of its sides are equal in length.

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Question 7

What is the median of the frequency distribution?
(I) Its arithmetic mean is 57.
(II) Its mode is 55.

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Question 8

What is the positive integral value of $$x$$?
(I) $$39 < 7x + 3 < 46$$
(II) $$25 < x^{2} < 49$$

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Question 9

What is the LCM of two numbers a and b?
(I) The GCD of a and b is 3.
(II) a is even and b is odd.

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Question 10

What is the digit in the Ten's place of the number n?
(I) n > 100
(II) n gives remainder 69 then divided by 100.

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