TS ICET 23rd May 2019 Shift-2


Read the following passage and answer questions:

Every Olympic athlete, every leader, and very human being has a little knownbrain part in common: a Quit Switch. Some people out of lifelong habit throwthe quit switch at the first sign of frustration. Their day of phonecalls gets frustrating. so they throw the switch and go for coffee with a co-worker for two hours of sympathetic negativity. Everyone has a Quit Switch. Not everyone knows it. Get to knowit: notice yourself flipping the switch. You can’t quit and you won't quit until you throwthe switch. A humanbeing is built like any animal to persist until a goal is reached. Somewhere along the way, though. we learn about this little switch. Soon, westart flipping the switch. We quit. If you weren’t in the habit of throwing the switch too early. you would achieve virtually any goal you ever set. Whether youflip it early or late is only habit.

The switch flipping habit is misinterpreted as lack of will power, courage, drive or desire, but that is nonsense. It’s a habit and like any otherhabit. it can be replaced with another habit. Make it your habit not to throw the Quit Switch early in any process.

Question 191

What is a “Quit Switch’?

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Question 192

What are most people unaware of ?

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Question 193

When do people use the ‘Quit Switch’?

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Question 194

Why is it unnatural to ‘Quit’?

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Question 195

Why can the ‘Quit Switch’ be overcome?

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Read the following and answer questions:

From the very first day of my stay with him Gokhale made me feel completely at home. He treated me as though I were his younger brother. He acquainted himself with all my requirements and arranged to see that I got all I needed. Fortunately my wants were fewand as I had cultivated the habit of self — help. I needed very little personal attendance. He was deeply impressed with my habit of tending for myself, my personal cleanliness, perseverance and regularity, and would often overwhelm me with praise.

He seemed to keep nothing private from me. He would introduce meto all the important people that called on him. This is howhe introduced Dr. Ray: “This is Prof. Ray who having a monthly salary of Rs. 800. keeps just Rs.40 for himself and devotes the balance to public purposes. He is not. and does not want to get "married.”

To see Gokhale at work was as much a joy as an education. He never wasted a minute. His private relations and friendships were all for public good. India’s poverty and subjection were matters of constant and intense concern to him.

Question 196

According to the passage. how old is the author?

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Question 197

Why were the author’s requirements few?

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Question 198

How much did Dr. Ray spend every month for purpose?

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Question 199

What does the phrase “called on” in the passage mean?

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Question 200

Identify the false statement about Gokhale.

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