TS ICET 23rd May 2019 Shift-2


In questions numbered 1 to 20. a questionis followed by data in the form of two statements labeled as Iand II. You must decide whetherthe data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions. Using the data make an appropriate choice from (1) to (4) as per the following guidelines:

Question 1

p and q are positive integers. What is the number of positive divisors of p?
I. $$p = q^{10}$$
II. q is a Prime number

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Question 2

Ifp and g are positive integers whose productis 72. then what is the value of p+ q?
I. p>q
I. $$\mid p-q\mid$$=1

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Question 3

If n and m are integers, is n > m?

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Question 4

Is there positive integer n divisible by 35?
I.15 divides n.
II.28 divides n.

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Question 5

What is the value of $$\sin \theta + \cos \theta$$?
I.$$\sin 2 \theta = \frac{1}{2}$$
II.$$\cosec \theta + \sec \theta = 5$$

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Question 6

In the triangle POR, whatis the length of the side OR?
I.PQ=8 cm ,PR=5 cm
II.Area of a triangle PQR=10 Sq.cm.

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Question 7

How muchis the loss percent?
I.The loss is 20% of the selling price.
II.The cost price is Rs.250

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Question 8

If n is an integer and 10I.The sum of the digits in 7 is 12.
II.One digit in 7 is 3 times the other.

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Question 9

For two sets A and B, what is $$n(A \cap B)$$?
I. $$n(A) = 10$$ and $$n(B - A) = 9$$
II. $$n(A - B) = 7, n(B - A) = 9$$ and $$n(A \cup B) = 19$$

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Question 10

What percent of 16 is x?
I.200 percent of x 1s less than 1.
II.x is 5 percent of 10.

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