TS ICET 2015


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrase/verb/preposition :

Question 181

To ---------- criminal behaviour is to encourage social ills.

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Question 182

Please ------- the proposal and let me know what you think.

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Question 183

I find it very hard to ---------- his lectures.

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Question 184

Cut a piece --------- the bread.

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Question 185

The level of inflation has increased ---------- 40%

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Read the following passage and answer questions:

Computers have brought a revolution in human life. To begin with, computers took over different human activities. Now even thinking and problem-solving are being done by computers. This has culminated into automation of offices and manufacturing processes resulting in drastic reduction of manpower in administration, business and industry. So much is the human reliance on computers that they are being used on a large scale even in fields like music, sculpture and architecture. The growing use of computers in teaching might one day render teachers, classrooms andlibraries redundant. This situation makes many of us believe that computers are likely to replace human beings in every walkof life. But every coin has two sides. However useful they may be, computers cannot replace human beings. A compliment by an elderly person restores the confidence of a depressed person. A simple touch of a mother silences a crying baby. Can a computer perform these and many such other miracles ? Now-a-days, teaching is being done by computers. Computer lovers claim that they can learn everything with the help of a computer. But imagine the difference between the two situations, i.e.: sitting before a computerandsitting in a classroom with dozens of students around and in the presence of a teachers. The pains and pleasures of companionship, the repudiating as well as encouraging expressions on the teacher’s face, the direct interaction, and abundant sharing and understanding,set this living situation a world apart from the lonely, computer controlled suffocating room.

Question 186

What is the meaning of ‘automation of offices and manufacturing processes’ ?

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Question 187

What makes one believe that computers will one day replace human beings ?

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Question 188

Why cannot computers replace humanbeings ?

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Question 189

What does a ‘lonely, computer-controlled suffocating room’ imply ?

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Question 190

How have computers brought about a revolution in human life ?

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