TS ICET 2015


Choose the correct answer:

Question 171

A: “Why doesn’t she see through him ?”
B: “Why, what do you expect to happen ?”
In this conversation, ‘B’ is

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Question 172

A: “Why don’t you cook the dinner today ?”
B: “I wish you'd let me be.”
‘B’ implies

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Question 173

A: “Theyare talking ill of me, although they are not ignorant 6f my merit and hard work.”
B: “Be it so, dogs bark while the caravan passes on.”
‘B’ means that

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Question 174

Changethe following into passive voice :
All desire wealth and some acquireit.

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Question 175

A: “Why don’t you save some money from your salary every month ? It will help you in the long run.”
B: “It’s rather hard in the circumstances. I can barely make ends meet.”
'B’ implies that his salary is

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Question 176

He cleared out without paying the rent.
The underlined phrase means

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Question 177

A: “Can you buy souvenirs at the market ?”
B: “You can, but you may be cheated.”
‘B’ implies

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Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrase/verb/preposition :

Question 178

He pushed his way ----------- the crowd.

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Question 179

The sea has --------- all round the coast.

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Question 180

He was ---------- with immense physical strength

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