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Question 71

The table shows the Percentage of total population of a city as per their age groups.

If there are about 190000 people in the age group of 56-65 in that city then what is the approximate number of people in the age bracket 26-35 in the city?

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Question 72

The Sum of Three Consecutive Prime Numbers is 83. What shall be the Square of the largest amongst the three numbers if its digits are reversed?

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Question 73

The number of ways in which Arnav, Ananyaa, Deepali and Neena can stand in straight line such that Deepali comes between Arnav and Ananyaa & also Neena does not come between Arnav and Ananyaa is?

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Question 74

What shall come in place of '? ' in the series given below?

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Question 75

Amrita, during her trek in a Jungle finds a rectangular log of wood measuring 6cm X 12cm X 15cm. She wants to cut this log into exact number of wooden cubes. What is the number of such cubes of equal size that she can get by using the entire log?

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Question 76

In a camp there is provision of meals for either 120 adults or 200 children. If 150 children have already eaten, then how many adults could be fed with the remaining meals?

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Question 77

A Telecom Service operator announced that between 8 PM and 8 AM all outgoing calls and text messages shall be charged @ 50 % of the charge rate as applicable from 8 AM to 8 PM. After availing of this benefit, my bill dues reduced by 20 %. What is the ratio of my calls and SMS during day and night time?

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Question 78

The roads to travel to various cities from point A are as given.
I, J and K can be reached only from E. E cannot be reached from D or C. A leads to B and from C, you can reach G. B leads to E. D can be reached from C. D leads to F. G also leads to F. L can be reached only from G via F. M can only be reached from D via F. All distances between two places are 1 km. All ways are one-way only.
I, J and K can only be reached from?

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Question 79

What shall come in place of '=' in the series given below?
A D I = Y

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Question 80

Find the missing Number?

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