For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

Popular culture continues to generate _________ amounts of name-calling and countless wars across the Internet, such as the _________ debates between fans of Star Trek and Star Wars.

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Pick the word from the alternatives given that is most inappropriate in the given context:

Question 82

DEFICIENT: He was not hired for the job since he was found to be deficient in his understanding of the business.

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Question 83

COMPLICIT: The judge handed him a punishment since the evidence showed that he was complicit in the crime that led to the death of the victim.

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Question 84

ESCHEW: My policy has always been to eschew speaking ill of others since it creates unnecessary negativity.

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Question 85

FLUSTERED: He was so flustered when he realized what was going on that he wouldn’t have recognized his own mother.

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Question 86

SPECIOUS: His arguments and specious comparisons are bogus and not worth seriously entertaining, in my humble opinion.

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 87

A. Their chests were puffed out like those of pouter penguins and they had battle-ready vigour.
B. After about ten minutes the designated soldiers on each side lowered their flags and the sunset showdown was over for the day.
C. Soldiers on each side marched up to their opposite numbers
D. As the bugles sounded loud and clear, the ceremony began.
E. The crowd on both sides erupted into a frenzy of shouting cheering their own country.

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Question 88

A. A tactile though indirect connection bound the giver with the receiver.
B. On the heels of the bread servers came others carrying steel buckets.
C. Instead of using spoons or ladles, the servers simply took out handfuls of the pilaf from their bucket and deposited it on our plates.
D. They ladled out large portions of ‘kali dal’ - legumes that had not been husked.
E. After that, came the rice that was a pilaf-like concoction glistening with ghee.

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Question 89

A.Many an accident has taken place on this route.
B. Today again, driving enthusiasts wait with bated breath for the Rohtang La to open to take a jaunt to Leh.
C. And yet the beauty of the place and the thrill of adventure beckon many a tourist every year.
D. The landscape remains as beguiling and awe-inspiring as ever.
E. Even 10 years ago, this epic Himalayan journey was a risky endeavor.

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Question 90

A. He chewed it and noted its quality and its good taste.
B. There was no stringiness in it and he knew that it would bring the highest price in the market.
C. But there was no way to keep it from going bad.
D. It was firm and juicy, like meat, but it was not red.
E. He leaned over the side and pulled loose a piece of the meat of the fish.

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