Read the following information to answerthese questions.

* There is a family of seven personsrepresenting three generations.
* There are two married couples. Both the wives ate housewives and both have only two children.
* Ramcharan,the lawyer,is the father of Rohit and has two grand children.
* Monica, the doctor, is the sister of the teacher.
* Sudha’s daughter-in-law Asha is married to a teacher.
* Shikha, the grand daughter of one of the housewives,is studying in the 8" standard.

Question 151

What is the profession of Rohit ?

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Question 152

Which of the following groups is associated with all the three generations ?

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Question 153

Which of the following statements is nottrue ?

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 154

Radhika moved a distance of 80 metres towards North. She then turned to the left and after walking for another 20 metres, turned to the left again. She walked for another 80 metres. Finally, she turned to the right at an angle of 45°. In which direction was she movingfinally ?

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Question 155

Raghurbir drove 15kms northwards by his car.He then turned towards west and drove for 10 kms.He then drove towards south for 5 kms and then turned towards east and drove for next 8 kms.Finally he turned to right and drove for next 10kms . How far and in which direction is Raghubir from his starting point?

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Question 156

Krishna walks for walks 3 km towards East. How far and in which direction is he with reference to his starting point ?

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Each of these questions has an assertion (A) and a reason (R).

Question 157

Assertion (A): A person jumping out of the moving train falls forward because his feetsuddenly cometo rest, while his body is in motion with the train.
This is based on Newton's first law of motion which states that a body continues to be in its state of rest or of uniform motion in compelled by an external force to change that state.

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Question 158

Assertion (A) : Gandhiji withdrew the Non-Cooperatio India for some time.
Reason (R): Gandhiji believed in non-violence but the protestations by people against the British rule at Chauri-Chaura turned violent. This event disappointed Gandhiji.

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Question 159

Assertion (A): A parachute enables a person to descend safely from a height in case of an accident.
Reason(R): A parachute is made of a fabric with a limited air permeabiltyand has very large frontal area .When it falls through air,it experiences heavy air resistance.The forces oflift and drag due to air flow balance the weightof the parachutist so that one descends at a constantly slow speed.

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Question 160

Assertion (A):It is difficult to cook food on the hills.
Reason(R):The atmospheric pressure on the hills is quite low because which water starts boiling at a low temperature and therefore it takes longer to cook food on hills

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