Read the following information to answerthese questions.

* There is a family of seven personsrepresenting three generations.
* There are two married couples. Both the wives ate housewives and both have only two children.
* Ramcharan,the lawyer,is the father of Rohit and has two grand children.
* Monica, the doctor, is the sister of the teacher.
* Sudha’s daughter-in-law Asha is married to a teacher.
* Shikha, the grand daughter of one of the housewives,is studying in the 8" standard.

Question 151

What is the profession of Rohit ?


From the above statements, we can conclude that Ramcharan (lawyer) is from the first generation, with his wife being Sudha because she has a daughter-in-law.

Now, Rohit is the son of Ramcharan, and Monica(doctor) is the sister of a teacher. It is also given that Asha is married to a teacher. Since there can be only two couples, we can say that Rohit (teacher) is married to Asha, and Monica (doctor) is his sister. Now, the Rohit shall have two children as per the conditions (each housewife shall have two children), and one of them shall be Shikha. 

Rohit is a teacher (option C). 


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