Fill in the blank.

Question 1

Since she believed him to be both candid and trust-worthy, she refused to consider the possibility that his statement had been ..........

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Question 2

The sheer bulk of data from the mass media seemsto overpower us and drive us to ........ accounts for an easily and readily digestible portion of news.

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Question 3

Any numericaldescriptionofthe developmentofthe human population cannot avoid .......... simply becausethere has never been a census of all the people in the world.

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Question 4

Relatively few politicians willingly forsake center stage, although a touch of _____ on their parts now and again might well increase theirpopularity with the voting public.

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Each question has an idiomatic phrase. Choose the word that is closest in meaning to idiomatic phrase.

Question 5

Wear one's heart on oneโ€™s sleeve

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Question 6

See eye to eye

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Question 7

To fall flat

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Question 8

To stick to one's guns

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Question 9

To have the gift of the gab

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Question 10

Talk shop

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