SBI Associate PO 2010


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

What is the full form of the term ‘NPA’ as used in banking environment ?

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Question 52

As per cent reports many countries are planning to introduce Tobin Tax the idea of which was given by a Nobel prize winner economist James Tobin in 1978 Tobin Tax if implemented will be levied on which of the following ?

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Question 53

As per news reports the Indian Economy is poised to hit high growth once again It is estimated that the Gross Domestic Product many be somewhere in the range of 6.25%-7.75% in the current fiscal But at the same time the economy has to face certain challenges also What could could these challenges be ?
(A)Maintaining balance between price stability and exchange rate
(B)Capital flow may not be adequate as many FIIs are still not comfortable with Indian markets
(C)Industrial sector is still under pressure and not showing much improvement

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Question 54

Which of the following countries has decided that from October 2018 no cheques should be issued or honoured there and all the payments should be made and accepted in electronic form only

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Question 55

In commodity exchanges in India Index Futures are not permitted as some of the provisions of the FCRA do not allow the same What is the full form of FCRA ?

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Question 56

As per the findings of the expert group headed by Dr.Suresh Tendulkar a substantial number of people in India still live Below Poverty Line What is the number in terms of percentages ?

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Question 57

As per the findings of the World Bank which of the following recent development in rural areas has doubled the income of rural households raised literacy rate by 10% and appreciated land prices by upto 80%

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Question 58

As decided by the Reserve Bank of India all the villages with a population of 2000 will have access to financial services by the end of__

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Question 59

As reported in various newspapers the Reserve Bank of India is planning to allow more and more banks to function as Local Area Banks This will help RBI in the implementation of which of the following of its plans/drives?
(A)Financial Inclusion
(B)Rural Banking
(C)Mobile and e-Banking

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Question 60

During his visit to Trinidad in November 2009 the Indian Prime Minister signed a Nuclear deal between India and ______

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