In the question given below certain symbols are used with the following meaning:
A@B means A is greater than B
A*B means A is either greater than or equal to B
A#B means A is equal to B
A$B means A is either smaller than or equal to B
A+B means A is smaller than B
Now in each of the following questions assuming the given statements to be true find which of the two conclusions I, II given below them is/are definitely true.
Give answer (a)if only conclusion I is true
Give answer (b)if only conclusion II is true
Give answer (c)if either conclusion I or II is true
Give answer (d)if neither conclusion I nor II is true
Give answer (e)if both conclusions I and II are true.

Question 1

Statements: D+T, E$V, F*T, E@D
Conclusions:I.D$V II.D+F

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Question 2

Statements: B+D, E$T, T*P, P@B
Conclusions:I.P$D II.P@D

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Question 3

Statements:T*U, U$W, V@L, W+V
Conclusions:I.V@T II.L#W

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Question 4

Statements:P$Q, N#M, M@R, R*P
Conclusions:I.P+N II.Q$M

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Question 5

Statements:E*F, G$H, H#E, G@K
Conclusions:I.H@K II.H*F

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Study the following letter-number-symbol sequence carefully and answer the question given below:
B D 5 F E 3 8 $ M 2 I K * P T @ U 9 A 7 1 £ H J 4 Q 6

Question 6

What should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following sequence ?
5E$, MIP, ?, 1HQ

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Question 7

Which of the following is exactly in the midway between the eleventh from the left end and the 7th from the right end?

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Question 8

Which of the following is the sixth to the right of the twentieth from the right end ?

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Question 9

How many such digits are there in the above sequence which are immediately preceded as well as followed by digits ?

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Question 10

If the first fifteen elements are written in the reverse order then which of the following will be eight to the left of the thirteenth element from right end ?

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