RPF 16 Jan 2019


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 111

LCM of two numbers is 63 and their HCF is 21. Given that one number is 21, find the second number.

Question 112

$$166 - [8^2 - 7^2 + \sqrt{(72 - 64 \div 8[18 \times 18 \div 324])}]$$

Question 113

The selling price of the article is Rs.1,980 after a successive discounts of 10% and 20%. If the cost price is 50% of the marked price, then what is the cost price. (in Rs)

Question 114

A sum of Rs.8,400 invested under simple interest at rate of 11% p.a. If the amount after 5 years is been withdrawn and half of the total amount is been invested in Share market. Find the remainingamount. (in Rs)

Question 115

Martin donates 13% of his Salary to organization for Visually challenged, 12% of his Salary toorphanage, 14% of his Salary to organization for Physically challenged and 16% of his Salary to the foundations for medical help. If the remaining amount Rs.19575 of Salary has been deposited in the bank for monthly expenses. Find the amount donated to organization for Visually challenged?(in Rs.)

Question 116

A sum of money is to be distributed among Ankit, Babu, Christo and David in the proportion of 5:4:3:2. If Christo gets Rs.117 more than David, what is Babu's share? (in Rs)

Question 117

The length of a floor is 125% of its breadth. If the area of floor is $$320m^2$$, what is the sum of the length and the breadth of the floor? (in m)

Question 118

The sum of three numbers is 243. If the ratio of the first to the second is 2:3 and that of the second to the third is 3:4, then the second number is

Question 119

A shopkeeper sells a product at the rate of Rs.1,710 and earns a profit of 14%. Find the amount which is equal to half of the cost price of the product. (in Rs)

Question 120

The Loss incurred by selling an article at Rs.365 is 60% of the gain attained by selling the same article at Rs.701. Find the cost price of the article. (in Rs)

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