RPF 10 Jan 2019 Slot 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Which among the following is the first talking movie of India?

Question 2

National Waterways No. 2 has been established on which river?

Question 3

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is associated with which game?

Question 4

Which of the following is manufactured by heating tetrafluoroethene with a free radical or persulfate catalyst at high pressure?

Question 5

Which machine is used to accelerate charged particles or ions to high energies?

Question 6

Which one of the following rivers is an antecedent river?

Question 7

Ural mountains and Ural river separates Europe from

Question 8

The credit of proposing the first blueprint of Indian Planning is given to

Question 9

Which city was selected as host city of the 2022 Winter Olympics?

Question 10

When was the Constituent Assembly formed in India?

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