NEET 2019


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The biodegradable polymer is :

Question 2

For the second period elements the correct increasing order of first ionisation enthalpy is:

Question 3

The major product of the following reaction is :

Question 4

Under isothermal condition, a gas at 300 K expands from 0.1 L to 0.25 L against a constant external pressure of 2 bar. The work done by the gas is:
[Given that 1 L bar = 100 J]

Question 5

The numberof sigma $$(\sigma)$$ and pi $$(\pi)$$ bonds in pent-2-en-4-yne is:

Question 6

Which is the correct thermal stability order for $$H_2E (E = O, S, Se, Te$$ and $$Po)$$ ?

Question 7

The manganate and permanganate ions are tetrahedral, due to:

Question 8

The method used to remove temporary hardness of water is :

Question 9

Which one is malachite from the following ?

Question 10

A gas at 350 K and 15 bar has molar volume 20 percent smaller than that for an ideal gas under the same conditions. The correct option about the gas and its compressibility factor(Z) is:

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