NEET 2019


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

Among the following, the one that is not a green house gas is:

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Question 12

Identify the incorrect statement related to $$PCl_5$$, from the following:

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Question 13

Among the following, the reaction that proceeds through an electrophilic substitution, is :

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Question 14

Match the following:

Which of the following is the correct option ?

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Question 15

What is the correct electronic configuration of the central atom in $$K_4[Fe(CN)_6]$$ based on crystal field theory ?

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Question 16

Which of the following reactions are disproportionation reaction ?
(a) $$2Cu^+ \rightarrow Cu^2 + Cu^0$$
(b) $$3MnO_4^{2-} + 4H^+ \rightarrow 2MnO_4^ {-} + MnO_2 + 2H_2O$$
(c) $$2KMnO_4 {_\rightarrow^\triangle} K_2MnO_4 + MnO_2 + O_2$$
(d) $$2MnO_4^ - + 3Mn^{2+} + 2H_2O \rightarrow 5MnO_2 + 4H^\oplus$$
Select the correct option from the following:

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Question 17

For the cell reaction
$$2Fe^{3+} (aq) + 2I^-(aq) \rightarrow 2Fe^+ (aq) + I_2(aq)$$
$$E_{cell}^\ominus = 0.24 V$$ at 298 K. The standard Gibbs energy $$(\triangle_rG^\ominus)$$ of the cell reaction is:
[Given that Faraday constant $$F = 96500 C mol^{-1}]$$

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Question 18

Enzymes that utilize ATP in phosphate transfer require an alkaline earth metal (M) as the cofactor M is:

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Question 19

The correct structure of tribromooctaoxide is :

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Question 20

Conjugate base for Bronsted acids $$H_2O$$ and $$HF$$ are :

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