For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

The $$[Co(H_2O)_6]^{2+}$$ ion has three unpaired electrons. The hybridization of Co in $$[Co(H_2O)_6]^{2+}$$ is

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Question 82

If the rate of the reaction

is fastest, then Z is

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Question 83

Depressant used in the concentration of an ore containing ZnS and PbS is

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Question 84

Of the following alcohols, the one that would react fastest with conc. HCl and anhydrous $$ZnCl_2$$ is

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Question 85

A hydrocarbon contains 85.7% C. If 42 mg of the compound contains $$3.01 \times 10^{20} molecules, the molecular formula of the compound will be

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Question 86

Which of the following pair of species is not iso-structural?

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Question 87

For dry cleaning of clothes instead of tetrachloroethane which is carcinogen in nature, which of the following solvents can be used?

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Question 88

The zinc/silver oxide cell is used in electric watches. The reaction is as following,
$$Zn^{2+} + 2e^- \rightarrow Zn; E^0 = - 0.760 V$$
$$Ag_2O + H_2 O + 2e^- \rightarrow 2Ag + 2OH^- ; E^0 = 0.344 V$$
If F is $$96,500 C mol^{-1}, \triangle G^0$$ of the cell will be

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Question 89

Which of the following hydrides has the largest bond angle?

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Question 90

Which of the following amino acid is not optically active?

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