For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

A molecule of a substance has permanent dipole moment p. A mole of this substance is polarised by applying a strong electrostatic field E. The direction of the field is suddenly changed by an angle of $$60^\circ$$. If N is the Avogadro's number the amount of work done by the field is :

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Question 2

If the angle of a prism is $$60^\circ$$ and angle of minimum deviation is $$40^\circ$$, then the angle of refraction will be

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Question 3

A student performs an experiment of measuring the thickness of a slab with a vernier calliper whose 50 divisions of the vernier scale are equal to 49 divisions of the main scale. He noted that zero of the vernier scale is between 7.00 cm and 7.05 cm mark of the main scale and 23rd division of the vernier scale exactly coincides with the main scale. The measured value of the thickness of the given slab using the calliper will be :

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Question 4

If the longest wavelength in the ultraviolet region of hydrogen spectrum is $$\lambda_o$$ then the shortest wavelength in its infrared region is :

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Question 5

A circular coil of radius 10 cm, 500 turns and resistance 2 Ω is placed with its plane, perpendicular to the horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field. It is rotated about its vertical diameter through $$180^\circ$$ in 0.25s. The induced e.m.f in the coil is (Take $$H_E = 3.0 \times 10^{-5} T$$)

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Question 6

Two reasons for using soft iron as the material for electromagnets

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Question 7

A girl jumps down from a moving bus, along the direction of motion of the bus, tilting slightly forward. She falls on (a) a sheet of ice (b) a patch of glue.

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Question 8

A person has near point at 60 cm. The focal length of spectacles lenses to read at 22 cm having glasses separated 2 cm from the eyes, is :

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Question 9

Two sides of a semiconductor germanium crystal A and B are doped with arsenic and indium, respectively. They are connected to a battery as shown in figure

The correct graph between current and voltage for the arrangement is

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Question 10

A bulb connected in series with an air-cored solenoid is lit an a.c source. If a soft iron core is introduced in the solenoid

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