For the following questions answer them individually

Question 41

The angle between $$\overrightarrow{A} - \overrightarrow{B}$$ and $$\overrightarrow{A} \times \overrightarrow{B}$$ is $$\overrightarrow{A} \neq \overrightarrow{B}$$:

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Question 42

A satellite of mass m is in circular orbit of radius $$3 R_E$$ about earth (mass of earth $$M_E$$, radius of earth $$R_E$$). How much additional energy is required to transfer the satellite to an orbit of radius $$9 R_E$$ ?

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Question 43

A wheel having mass m has charges +q and -q on diametrically opposite points. It remains in equilibrium on a rough inclined plane in the presence of a vertical electric field E. Then value of E is :

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Question 44

A uniform magnetic field of 0.3 T is established along the positive Z-direction. A rectangular loop in XY plane of sides 10 cm and 5 cm carries a current of I = 12 A as shown. The torque on the loop is :

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Question 45

The rotational kinetic energy of a solid sphere of mass 3 kg and radius 0.2 m rolling down an inclined plane of height 7 m is :

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Question 46

Consider the following sequence of reactions :

The substance ‘B’ is

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Question 47

Toluene in the vapour phase is in equilibrium with a solution of benzene and toluene having mole fraction of toulene 0.50 If vapour pressure of pure benzene is 119 torr and that of toluene is 37.0 torr at the same temperature, mole fraction of toluene in vapour phase will be :

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Question 48

Among halogens, the one which can oxidise water to oxygen is :

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Question 49

The reaction :

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Question 50

Amongst the following compounds the one which is most easily sulphonated is

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