MAT 2012


Study the graph to answer these questions.
The bar graph below shows the sales of six different cell phone manufacturers in 2011 (in '000units).
The Adjoining pie chart shows the breakeup of brand C alone in the same year for those countries where it is sold.

                                               2011 Global Sales ('000s)

          Brand 'C' Country-wise sales

Question 81

What is the differences in volume of sales of brand C in UK and India?

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Question 82

By what percentage should global sales of 'C' phone increase, so that its sales volume in korea becomes 7000 units, while the volume of sales to all other countries remains the same?

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Question 83

If in 2012 the global sales of brand C increases by 12%, while its sale in USA increases by 34% and in china by 22%, what is the approximate sales increase in the rest of the countries taken together?

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Question 84

If A alone registers growth in sales in 2012 and draws level with the volume of B, what would be their combined share of the global sales volume?

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Question 85

If the sale of phones in 2012 registers a uniform 33% growth across all brand and all countries, what would be the combined sales volume of phones in india, Japan and Korea taken together, in that year?

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Study the table below to answer these questions

The Table shows the quantities of minerals exported from India to six different countries A,B,C,D,E and F(in '000 tonnes) in the year 2010.

Question 86

If the second-largest importing country increases its off-take of all the minerals, taken together, from india and is at par with the largest importer, its share of the total exports of minerals from india would be?

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Question 87

If India were to ban the export of gold altogether, by what approximate percentage should the export of the rest of the minerals increase so that the total quantity of minerals exported remains the same?

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Question 88

Eighteen per cent of country E's total requirement of iron ore is being met by imports from India. Next year its total requirement of iron ore is expected to fall by 22% and only 12% of the revised requirement will be imported from India. Assuming all other exports to country E by India remain at the same level, what would be its total percentage drop in quantity exports to E?

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Question 89

If international demand for coal from India rises by 12%, that of Iron ore by 8% and copper by 15%, by how much percent will total export from India rise, assuming export of Gold and silver remain at the same level?

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Question 90

If due to rise in prices, voume of exports of Gold decreases by 12% while that of Silver decreases by 14%, but due to global rise in car production levels, however, demand for Iron ore increases by 6%, what is the net effect on volume of exports from India

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