Study the graph to answer these questions.
The bar graph below shows the sales of six different cell phone manufacturers in 2011 (in '000units).
The Adjoining pie chart shows the breakeup of brand C alone in the same year for those countries where it is sold.

                                               2011 Global Sales ('000s)

          Brand 'C' Country-wise sales

Question 82

By what percentage should global sales of 'C' phone increase, so that its sales volume in korea becomes 7000 units, while the volume of sales to all other countries remains the same?


Volume of sales of brand C in korea = 14% of 47,000 = 6580

To make it 7000 we need to add 420 to it. 

Percentage increase in sales of C phone = $$\frac{420}{47000} \times 100 = 0.9$$(approx)

Hence, option B is the correct answer.

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