JEE (Advanced) 2012 Paper-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

$$NiCl_2\left\{P (C_2H_5)_2(C_6H_5)\right\}_2$$ exhibits temperature dependentmagnetic behaviour (paramagnetic/ diamagnetic). the coordination geometries of $$Ni^{2+}$$ in the paramagnetic and diamagnetic states are respectively

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Question 22

The reaction of white phosphorous with aqueous NaOH gives phosphine along with another phosphorus containing compound. The reaction type; the oxidation states of phosphorous in phosphine and the other product are respectively

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Question 23

In the cyanide extraction process of silver from argentite ore, the oxidizing and reducing agents used are

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Question 24

The compound that undergoes decarboxlylationmost readily under mild condition is

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Question 25

Using the data provided, calculate the multiple bond energy $$(kJ mol^{-1})$$ of a $$C \equiv C$$ bond $$C_2H_2$$. That energy is (take the bond energy of a C-H bond as 350 kJ $$mol^{-1}$$)

$$2C(s) + H_2(g) \rightarrow C_2H_2(g)$$                          $$\triangle H = 225 kJ mol^{-1}$$

$$2C(s)  \rightarrow 2C(g)$$                                              $$\triangle H = 1410 kJ mol^{-1}$$

$$H_2(g) \rightarrow 2H(g)$$                                             $$\triangle H = 330 kJ mol^{-1}$$

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Question 26

The shape of $$XeO_2F_2$$ molecule is

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Question 27

The major product H in the given reaction sequence is

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Question 28

For a dilute solution containing 2.5 g of a non- volatile non- electrolyte solute in 100 g of water, the elevation in boiling point at 1 atm pressure is $$2^\circ C$$. Assuming concentration of solute is much lower than the concentration of solvent, the vapour pressure (mm of Hg) of the solution is (take $$K_b = 0.76$$ K kg $$mol^{-1}$$)

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The electrochemical cell shown below is a concentration cell.
$$M \mid M^{2+}$$ (saturated solution of a sparingly soluble salt, $$MX_2$$) $$\parallel M^{2+}$$ (0.001 mol $$dm^{-3}$$) $$\mid M$$
The emf of the cell depends on the difference in concetration of $$M^{2+}$$ ions at the two electrodes. The emf of the cell at 298 is 0.059 V

Question 29

The solubility product ($$K_{sp};mol^3 dm^{-9}$$) of $$MX_2$$ at 298 based on the information available the given concentration cell is (take $$2.303 \times R \times \frac{298}{F} = 0.059 V$$)

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Question 30

The value of $$\triangle G (kJ mol^{-1})$$ for the given cell is (take 1F = 96500 C $$mol^{-1}$$)

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