JEE (Advanced) 2012 Paper-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

Inallene $$(C_3H_4)$$, the type(s) of hybridisation of the carbon atomsis (are)

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Question 22

For one mole of a van der Waals gas when b= 0 and T= 300 K, the PV vs. 1/V plot is shown below. The value of the van der Waals constant a $$(atm.liter^2 mol^{-2})$$ is

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Question 23

The number of optically active products obtained from the complete ozonolysis of the given compound is

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Question 24

A compound $$M_pX_q$$ has cubic close packing (ccp) arrangement of X. Its unit cell structure is shown below. The empirical formula of the compound is

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Question 25

The number of aldol reaction(s) that occurs in the given transformation is

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Question 26

The colour oflight absorbed by an aqueous solution of $$CuSO_4$$ is

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Question 27

The carboxyl functional group (-COOH) is present in

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Question 28

The kinetic energy of an electron in the second Bohr orbit of a hydrogen atom is
[$$a_0$$ is Bohr radius]

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Question 29

Which ordering of compoundsis according to the decreasing order of the oxidation state of nitrogen?

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Question 30

As per IUPAC nomenclature, the nameof the complex $$[CO(H_2O)_4(NH_3)_2]Cl_3$$ is

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