ISRO Scientist or Engineer Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning 2019


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

A diesel engine develops a Brake power of 4.5 kW. Its indicated thermal efficiency is 30% and the mechanical efficiency is 85%. Considering calorific value of the fuel as 40000 kJ/kg, the fuel consumption will be

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Question 2

A cycle consisting of two reversible isothermal processes and two reversible isobaric processes is known as

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Question 3

A large clearance volume in a reciprocating compressor results in

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Question 4

Two beams have the same length, same allowable stresses and the same bending moment. The cross sections of the beams are a square and a rectangle with depth twice that of width.
The ratio of weight of square beam to the weight of rectangular beam is

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Question 5

Two shafts A and B are made of same material. The diameter of shaft B is twice that of shaft A. The ratio of power which can be transmitted by shaft A to that of shaft B is

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Question 6

The value of maximum deflection for a cantilever beam of length l and carrying uniformly varying load from zero at free end to w per unit length at fixed end is

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Question 7

In a riveted joint, when the number of rivets decrease from the innermost rowto outermost row, the joint is said to be

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Question 8

The process of reheating the martensitic steel to reduce its brittleness without any significant loss of hardnessis called

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Question 9

$$\frac{18}{8}$$ stainless steel contains

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Question 10

Crowning of pulley is done to

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