ISRO Scientist or Engineer Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning 2015


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

A body is resting on a plane inclined at angle of $$30^\circ$$ to horizontal. What force would be required to slide it down, if the coefficient of friction between body and plane is 0.3?

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Question 2

Compression members tend to buckle in the direction of

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Question 3

A fluid jet discharging from 150 mm diameter orifice has a diameter of 100 mm at its vena contracta. The coefficient of contraction is

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Question 4

The escape velocity on the surface of the earth is

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Question 5

The heat to be supplied to a Carnot engine operating between 800 and 400 K and producing 100 kJ of work, is

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Question 6

A piece of wood having weight of 10 kg floats in water with 60% of its volume under the liquid. Determine the specific Gravity of wood.

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Question 7

If all the dimension of a prismatic bar be increased in the ratio of k : 1, then maximum stress producedin the bar due to its own weightwill increase in the following ratio

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Question 8

A house requires 60M cal/hr in winter for heating. Heat pump absorbs heat from cold air outside and requires 8M cal/hr of work. The COP will be

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Question 9

A body moves, from rest with a constant acceleration of 5 m per sec”. The distance covered in 10 sec is most nearly

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Question 10

A cold storage plant of 20 tonne of refrigerator capacity operates between 200 and 300 k. The power required to run the plant if the plant has half COP of a Carnot cycle (Tonne of refrigerator = 3.5 kW) is

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