ISRO Scientist or Engineer Mechanical May 2017


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

A beam is fixed at one end and is vertically supported at the other end. What is the degree of statical indeterminacy?

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Question 2

In a gas turbine power plant, reheating of gases between high pressure and low pressure turbine stages will

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Question 3

The resultant of two forces acting at 60° is 7 N and when acting at right angles is $$\sqrt{34} N$$. The forces are

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Question 4

The metal removal rate in abrasive jet machining process is

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Question 5

The air inside a space capsule is maintained at the required condition by passing it through a set of heat exchangers. The heat exchangers are designed such that the humid air passing through them is cooled and partial condensation of the water vapour occurs. On a psychrometric chart, this process appears as a line which is

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Question 6

Two bolts A and B of same material and length are subjected to identical tensile load. If the elastic strain energy stored in bolt A is 16 times that of the bolt B and the mean
diameter of bolt A is 13 mm, the mean diameter of bolt B (in mm) is

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Question 7

The source of energy in ultrasonic machining process is

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Question 8

A turbine develops 500 kW power under a head of 100 m at 200 rpm. What would be its normal speed under a head of 81 m?

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Question 9

A solid rod of 12 mm diameter was tested for tensile strength with the gauge length of 50 mm. Final length = 80 mm; Final diameter = 4 mm; Yield load = 1130 N. What is the nearest yield stress and % reduction in area respectively?

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Question 10

When water at $$0^\circ C$$ is heated, its specific volume under standard atmosphere

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