ISRO Scientist or Engineer Mechanical 2016


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

The reading ofa spring balance is from 0 to 200 N and is 10 cm long. A body suspended from the spring balance is observed to oscillate vertically at 2 Hz. The mass of the body is nearly

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Question 12

A ball is dropped vertically from a height d above the ground. It hits the ground and bounces up to a height d/2. Neglecting the subsequent motion and air resistance, its velocity (v) varies with height (h) above the ground as

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Question 13

A 10 kW drilling machineis used to drill a bore in a small aluminium block of mass 8 kg. How much is the rise in temperature of the block in 2.5 minutes, assuming 50% of power is used up in heating the block? (specific-heat of aluminum : 0.91 J/($$g^\circ C$$))

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Question 14

In the figure shown, the minimum ratio of $$\frac{\mu_1}{\mu_2}$$ so that the masses move together with the application of force F is

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Question 15

A thin wire of length L and uniform linear mass density $$\rho$$ is bent into a circular loop with centre O as shown in figure. The moment of inertia of the loop about the axis 'XX' is

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Question 16

A 10 kg mass is hung from 2 light, inextensible strings as shown. The tension in the horizontal string is nearly

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Question 17

A block of ice at $$-10^\circ C$$ is slowly heated and converted to steam at $$100^\circ C$$. Which of the following curves represent the phenomena qualitatively?

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Question 18

If the temperature of the sun is doubled, the rate of energy received on earth will be increasedby a factor of

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Question 19

The transmission of heat by molecular collision is called

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Question 20

If two ends of rods of length L and radius r, made of same material are kept at the same temperature difference, which of the following rods conduct most heat per unit time?

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