ISRO Scientist or Engineer Mechanical 2016


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

A stream function is given by $$\psi = 4x - 3y$$. The resultant velocity at any point is

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Question 62

The coefficient of discharge for an orifice meteris in the range

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Question 63

The hydraulic diameter, $$D_h$$, of a rectangular duct with sides 'a’ and 'b' is

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Question 64

A flat plate of length 1 m and width 50 cm is placed in an air stream at $$30^\circ C$$ blowing parallel to it. The convective heat transfer co-efficient is 30 W/(m$$^2$$K). The heat transfer if the plate is maintained at a temperature of $$400^\circ C$$ is

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Question 65

It is required to insulate a kitchen oven with cork board (K = 0.043 W/(m K)) so that the heat losses from the oven does not exceed 400 W/m$$^2$$ when the inner surface of the oven is at $$225^\circ C$$ and the outer surface of the oven is at $$40^\circ C$$. The thickness of insulation required is nearly

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Question 66

A radiator in a domestic heating system operates at a surface temperature of $$55^\circ C$$. Assuming the radiator behaves as a black body, the rate at which it emits the radiant heat per unit area is (assume $$\sigma = 5.67 \times 10^{-8} W/(m^2 K^4)$$)

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Question 67

Agrey body is defined such that

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Question 68

Monochromatic emissivity of the body is dependent of wave length

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Question 69

Asystem is undergoing a cycle that consists of three processes. During the first process, the work is 5 kJ and the heat is 23 kJ. In the second process no work takes place and the heat interaction is -50 kJ. The third process is adiabatic. The workin the third process is

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Question 70

Multi stage centrifugal pumpsare used for

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