ISRO Scientist or Engineer Mechanical 2012


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

A beam is having-a-triangular cross section with its neutral axis XX. The section modulus about XX is given by

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Question 2

A rectangular column is subjected to an eccentric load P at distance ‘e’ from centroidal Axis. The stress diagram at Cross- section will be

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Question 3

Two shafts A & B are made of same material. The radius of the shaft A is half that of shaft B. The power transmitted by the shaft A will be ___________ that of shaft B.

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Question 4

Four linear elastic springs are connected to mass ‘M’ as shown in Figure. The natural frequency of the system is

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Question 5

Which bearing offers lowest friction

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Question 6

A circular disk of radius R rolls without slipping at a velocity V. The magnitude of the velocity at point P shown in the figure is

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Question 7

In the viscous damped vibration, the logarithmic decrement value over five cycles is found to be 8.11. What is viscous damping factor of vibratory system?

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Question 8

An elevator weighing 1000Kg attains an upward velocity of 4m/sec in two seconds with uniform acceleration. The tension (in N) in supporting cable will be $$(g = 9.8m/sec^2)$

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Question 9

A block weighting 981 N is resting on Horizontal surface. The co-efficient of friction between the block and horizontal surface is $$\mu = 0.2.$$ A vertical cable attached to block provides partial support as shown. A man can pull horizontally with a force of 100 N. What will be the tension (T)(in N)in the cable if the man is just able to move the block to the right?

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Question 10

A vehicle suspension system consists of a leaf spring and a damper. The stiffness of the leaf spring is 3.6 KN/m and damping constant of the damper is 400 Ns/m. If the mass is 50Kg, then the damping factor and damped natural frequency respectively are

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