ISRO Scientist or Engineer Mechanical 2010


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

If D is the diameter of impeller at inlet, w is the width of impeller at inlet and $$V_f$$ is the velocity of flow at inlet, then discharge through a centrifugal pump is equalto

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Question 72

Cavitation parameter is defined by

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Question 73

The maximum thickness of boundary layerin a pipe of radius R is

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Question 74

At a point A in a pipe lilne carrying water, the diameter is 1 m, the pressure 98 KPa and the velocity 1 m/s. At a point B, 2 m higher than A, the diameter is 0.5m and the pressure 20 KPa. The direction of flow would be

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Question 75

In the given figure pressure p in kPa, is

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Question 76

A small plastic boat loaded with pieces of steel rods is floating in a bathtub. If the cargo is dumped into the water allowing the boat to float empty, the water level in the tub will

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Question 77

Four cars, with a mass of 1500 kg each, are loaded on a 6 m wide, 12 m long small car ferry. How far, in cm will it sink in the water?

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Question 78

Water enters a turbine at 900kPa with negligible velocity. What maximum speed, in m/s, can it reach before it enters the turbine rotor?

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Question 79

Given that:
Specific gravity of mercury = 13.6;
Intensity of pressure = 40kPa
Express the intensity of pressure (gauge) in various units (S.I)

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Question 80

The differential equation satisfying $$y = Ae^{3x} + Be^{2x}$$ is

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