ISRO Scientist or Engineer Mechanical 2010


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

Two cutters are mounted on the arbor so that two faces are machined simultaneously in

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Question 62

The main alloying elements in high speed steel in order of increasing proportion are

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Question 63

Surface roughness on a drawing is represented by

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Question 64

A husband and wife appearin an interview for two vacancies for same post. The probability of husband getting selected is $$\frac {1}{5}$$ while the probability of wife getting selected is $$\frac {1}{7}$$. Then the probability that anyone of them getting selected is

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Question 65

Cylindrical parts are held on planer by

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Question 66

Expressing a dimension as $$25.3^{\pm 0.05} mm is the case of

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Question 67

In comparison to an open-loop system a closed loop system is

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Question 68

The Moody diagram is shown in Fig. The friction factor for turbulent flow in a smooth pipe is given by curve

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Question 69

A piping system consists of three pipes arranged in series, the lengths of the pipes are 1200m, 750 m and 600 m and diameters 750 mm, 600 mm, 450 mm respectively. Transform the system to an equivalent 450 mm diameter pipe

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Question 70

Friction drag is generally larger than the pressure drag in

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