ISRO Scientist or Engineer Mechanical 2009


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

A Mohr’s circle reduces to a point when the body is subjected to

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Question 52

Power screws are used to convert

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Question 53

Following gases are used in tungsten inert gas welding

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Question 54

The force required to punch a 25 mm hole ina mild steel plate 10 mm thick, when ultimate shear stress ofthe plate is $$500 N/mm^2$$ will be nearly

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Question 55

One-half length of 50mm diameter steel rod is solid while the remaining half is hollow having a bore of 5mm. The rod is subjected to equal and opposite torque at its ends. If the maximum shear stress in solid portion is $$\tau$$ the maximum shear stress in the hollow portion is:

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Question 56

Two metal plates of thickness ‘t’ & width ‘w' are joined by fillet weld of $$45^\circ$$ as shown in fig. When subjected to a pulling force 'F' the stress induced in the weld will be

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Question 57

Ring rolling is used

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Question 58

A barof 20mm dia is tested in tension. It is observed that when a load of 38KN is applied the extension measured over a gauge length of 200mm is 0.12mm and contraction in diameter is 0.0036mm. Find the Poisson’s ratio

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Question 59

A perfect frame has N joints. The numberof members should not be less than

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Question 60

A cantilever beam of rectangul arcross section is subjected to load at free end. If the depth of the beam is doubled and load is halved , deflection of the free end as compared to original will be

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