ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electronics 2016


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The approximate O/P Frequencyof 555 Oscillator for $$R_A = R_b = 2.2 kΩ$$ and C = 2000 pF

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Question 2

A counter is designed using J-K Flip-Flop as shown in fig. Define its count sequence

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Question 3

A 1 MHz clock signal is applied to a J-K Flip Flop with J = K = 1. What is the frequency of the Flip-Flop O/P signal?

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Question 4

How many inputs & outputs does a full adder have?

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Question 5

Which shift register counter requires the most decoding circuitry?

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Question 6

A 10-bit DAC hasa step size of 10mV. What is its Full scale O/P voltage and the percentage resolution?

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Question 7

If the input signals (A & B) and output signals are as below then the circuit element is

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Question 8

For a 10-bit digital ramp ADC using 500kHz clock, the maximum conversion time is

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Question 9

In Digital Filters, how many interpolated data points are inserted between samples when performing 4X over sampling?

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Question 10

A PAM source generates four symbols 3 V, 1 V, -1 V and —3 V with probability of p(3) = 0.2, p(1) = 0.3, p(-1) = 0.3, p(—3) = 0.2 respectively. The variance for this source will be

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