ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electronics 2011


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

In an amplitude modulated system if the total poweris 600W and the power in the carrier is 400W,the modulation index is

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Question 2

The channel capacity under the Gaussian noise environment for a discrete memoryless channel with a bandwidth of 4MHz and SNRof31 is.

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Question 3

In satellitecommunication, frequency modulation is used becausesatellite channel has

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Question 4

For a 3-um-diameteroptical fiber with core and cladding indexes of refraction of 1.545 and 1.510, respectively. The cut off wavelengthis.

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Question 5

A 12-bit ADC is operating with a lus clock period and total conversion time is seen to be 14us always. The ADC mustbe of the type

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Question 6

Consider the analog signal $$x(t) = 3 \cos 100 \pi t$$. If the signal is sampled at 200 Hz,the discrete time signal obtained will be

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Question 7

In VHDLall the statements written inside a process statement are ......

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Question 8

A microprocessor with 12-bit address bus will be able to access ...... kilobytes of memory

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Question 9

A practical current source is usually represented by

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Question 10

The dominant mode in a rectangular wave guide is TEo, because this mode has

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