ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electronics 2009


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

If a counter having 10 FFsis initially at 0, what countwill it hold after 2060 pulses?

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Question 2

Amemory system of size 16 K bytes is required to be designed using memory chips which have 12 address lines and 4 datalines each. Then the numberofsuch chips required to design the memory system is

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Question 3

Consider the following program for 8085
LXI B, 0007H
The loop will be executed

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Question 4

Acertain JK FF has $$t_{pd}$$=12 ns. The largest MOD counter that can be constructed from such FFs and still operate up to 10 MHz is

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Question 5

Convolution of x(t+5) with impulse function $$\delta$$ (t-7) is equal to

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Question 6

The purpose of a Cassegrain feed in a parabolic reflector antenna is to

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Question 7

A transfer function G(s) has pole-zero plot as Im "shown in the figure. Given that the steady state function gain is 2,, the transfer function A G(s) will be given by

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Question 8

The impedance of a series RLC circuit is

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Question 9

The advantage of $$\frac{\pi}{4}$$ QPSK compared to conventional QPSKis ?

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Question 10

A movingcoil iron ammeter may be compensated for frequency errors by

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