ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electronics 2008


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

An amplifier has an input power of 2 microwatts. The powergain of the amplifier iis 60 dB. The output power will be

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Question 72

A transmission line has a VSWR of2, the reflection coefficient is

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Question 73

Which vacuum based deviceis widely used as a power amplifier in satellite communication systems?

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Question 74

Maxwell’s equations establish the relationship between $$\overline{E}, \overline{D}, \overline{H}$$ and $$\overline{B}$$ at any point in a continuous medium. When we move from one medium to another, then which of the following statement is correct

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Question 75

The input impedance of shortcircuited lossless line of length less than a quarter-wavelenth is

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Question 76

The intrinsic impedanceof free space is 377 Ω. The approximate intrinsic impedance of a medium with relative premittivity and permeability of 4 and 1 respectively will be

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Question 77

A 8 kHz communication channel has an SNR of 30 GB.If the channel bandwidth is doubled, keeping the signal power constant, the SNRfor the modified channel will be

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Question 78

Two orthogonal signals $$s_1(t)$$ and $$s_2(t)$$ satisfy the following relation

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Question 79

In which modulation system, when modulating frequency is doubled, the modulation index also becomes double.

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Question 80

The matrix $$A = \begin{bmatrix}-4 & -3 & -3 \\1 & 0 & 1 \\ 4 & 4 & x \end{bmatrix}$$ is its own adjoint. The value of x will be

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