ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electronics 2008


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

Two transistors have the same value of $$\alpha$$ but different gain bandwidth products. One of them is a germanium transistor and the otheris a silicon transistor. Both the transistors have similar geometries and base width. The transistor with lower GB product

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Question 12

The following transistor configuration has the highest input impedance

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Question 13

If $$t_c$$, h and $$t_m$$ specify the cache access time, hit ratio and main memory access time then the average access time is (given $$t_c = 160 ns, t_m = 960 ns, h = 0.90$$)

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Question 14

The advantage of write (copy) back data cache organization over write through organization is

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Question 15

$$E^2PROM$$ storage element is

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Question 16

The modulus of $$1 + \cos \alpha + i \sin \alpha$$ is

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Question 17

The 8 bit DAC produces 1.0 V fora digital input of 00110010. Whatis the largest outputit can produce?

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Question 18

The fastest ADC amongthe following is

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Question 19

The mod numberof a Johnson counterwill be alwaysequalto...... the numberofflip flops used

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Question 20

Odd parity generator uses ............ logic

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