ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electronics 2006


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

When a carrier is phase modulated, with an integrated modulating signal, the resultant is

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Question 52

A satellite orbiting in 600 km orbit transmits 5 GHz frequency. The Doppler shift observed at the ground station, when the satellite is over head of the station is

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Question 53

A communication channel disturbed by additive white Gaussian noise has a bandwidth of 4kHz and SNR of 15. The highest transmission rate that such a channel can Support (in k-bits/sec) is

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Question 54

A dual directional coupler is connected in a microwave reflectometer measurement setup. The reading of the power meter in the forward direction is 100 mW and in the reverse direction 4 mw. The VSWR is

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Question 55

Linear amplifier with a gainof 30dB is fed with $$1.0 \mu W$$ power, the output power of the amplifier

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Question 56

10Watts RF Power is transmitted with a circular polarized antenna having gain of 4 0dB. A receiving antenna has vertical polarization The path loss is 100 dB. The receiving signal is

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Question 57

$$\overrightarrow{P} = 2i - 3j, \overrightarrow{Q} = -3i + 4j - 2k$$, and $$\overrightarrow{R}$$ are in equilibrium, if $$\overrightarrow{R}$$ is

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Question 58

Arigid bodyis rotating with constant angular velocity $$\omega$$ about a fixed axis, if $$\nu$$ is the velocity of a point of the body, then curl $$\nu =$$

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Question 59

Laplace transform of $$\sin^3 2t$$ is

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Question 60

The value of the determinant

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