ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electrical 2014


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

A Meter has full scale deflection of $$90^\circ$$ at a current of 1A. The response of the meter is square law. Assuming spring control, the current for a deflection at $$45^\circ$$ will be

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Question 2

A Single-phase Energy meter is operating on 230 V, 50 Hz supply with a load of 20 A for two hours at UPF. The meter makes 1380 revolutions in that period. The meter constant is

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Question 3

In case of power measurements by two wattmeter method in a balanced 3-phase system with pure inductive load

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Question 4

It is required to measure temperature in the range of $$1300^\circ C$$ to $$1500^\circ C$$. The most suitable thermocouple to be used as transducer would be

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Question 5

Which dc motor will have highest percentage increase in input current for given percentage increase in torque

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Question 6

In a three phase delta transformer, one phase burns up. The transformer will supply

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Question 7

In an auto transformer, power is transferred through

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Question 8

Buchholzrelay is a

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Question 9

In Scott connection, if the ratio of the main transformer is k, then the teaser transformer has transformation ratio of

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Question 10

With core type transformers, the limbs are stepped so as to

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