ISRO Scientist or Engineer Computer Science May 2017


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

Given the following statements
S1 : Every context-sensitive language L is recursive
S2 : There exists a recursive language that is not context-sensitive
Which statements are true?

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Question 12

Which one of the following is FALSE?

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Question 13

In some programming languages, an identifier is permitted to be a letter followed by any number of letters or digits. If L and D denotes the set of letters and digit respectively. Which of the following expression defines an identifier?

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Question 14

The recurrence relation that arises in relation with the complexity of binary search is

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Question 15

Which one of the following in-place sorting algorithms needs the minimum number of swaps?

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Question 16

Given two statements
(i) Insertion of an element should be done at the last node in a circular list
(ii) Deletion of an element should be done at the last node of the circular list

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Question 17

Which of the following data structure is useful in traversing a given graph by breadth first search?

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Question 18

How many $$128 \times 8$$ bit RAMs are required to design $$32K \times32$$ bit RAM?

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Question 19

The most appropriate matching for the following pairs :

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Question 20

Which interrupt in 8085 Microprocessor is unmaskable?

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