ISRO Scientist or Engineer Computer Science 2014


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

Which of the following is NOT represented in a subroutine’s activation record framefor a stack-based programming language?

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Question 52

Consider the following grammar.
$$S \rightarrow AB$$
$$A \rightarrow a$$
$$A \rightarrow BaB$$
$$B \rightarrow bbA$$
Which of the following statements is FALSE?

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Question 53

Consider the logic circuit given below.

The inverter, AND and OR gates have delays of 6, 10 and 11 nanoseconds respectively. Assuming that wire delays are negligible, what is the duration of glitch for Q before it becomes stable?

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Question 54

The conic section that is obtained when right circular cone is cut through a planethatis parallel to the side of the cone is called .................?

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Question 55

An IP packet has arrived with the first 8 bits as 0100 0010. Which of the following is correct?

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Question 56

Which of the followingis not a valid Boolean algebra rule?

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Question 57

A supernet has a first address of and a supernet mask of A router receives four packets with the following destination addresses. Which packet belongsto this supernet?

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Question 58

Assume the following information.
Original timestamp value = 46
Receive timestamp value = 59
Transmit timestamp value = 60
Timestampat arrival of packet = 69
Which of the following statements is correct?

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Question 59

Which of the following is FALSE with respect to possible outcomes of executing a Turing Machineover a given input?

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Question 60

Suppose you are browsing the world wide web using a web browser and trying to access the web servers. What is the underlying protocol and port number that are being used?

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